We know how to wash things and we do it well. Our laundry provides services for the washing and ironing of bed linen and towels, uniforms and overalls, blankets and plaids, curtains and tulles for individuals and organizations in the city of Kiev and the regions.

Laundry Mandarin recommend you using the water cleaning service - this is a delicate products washing in water, using special detergents. 

It's recommended to choose while cleaning wedding dresses and you want to protect fine fibers from some effects: pure silk, wool, modern synthetic fibers with special impregnations.

Aqua cleaning is effective and absolutely harmless to the health of customers and the environment, it guarantees the complete absence of residual solvent odor.

The main advantages of water cleaning in the Mandarin laundry:

  • more careful handling of products than with hand washing (it's especially important when washing tulle or washing down jackets); 
  • environmental Safety;
  • products acquire a pleasant fresh smell;
  • the clothes are pleasant to the touch and to wear;
  • clothes do not contain solvent residues (it's important when washing shirts, towels and underwear);
  • water cleaning does not have a harmful effect on materials and the human body;
  • excellent cleaning results.

After water cleaning, the products come out clean, well-ironed, retaining their color saturation.

You can order an aqua cleaning of products in the Mandarin laundry by calling: (044) 23-240-23 and (096) 396-04-35 or by leaving an online application on our website.

We value your time, therefore the ordering procedure are done as soon as possible, and its execution is strictly within the specified time frame. Our team consists of professionals, so water cleaning is carried out efficiently, quickly and with an individual approach to each product.

Terry towel kg. 40.00
Bed linen (calico, chintz, makhra) kg. 40.00
Bed linen (silk) kg. 100.00
Cover kg. 150.00
Cover (sofa, car, etc.) kg. 150.00
Tablecloth, napkin (not standard) kg. 120.00
Blanket, pillow (sintepon) kg. 150.00
Blanket, pillow (down-feather) kg. 250.00
Blanket, pillow (wool) kg. 200.00
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Online Order